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Managing Member of LLC Faces Individual Superfund Liability

The former managing member of a limited liability corporation failed to shake off Superfund claims stemming from contamination at an Ohio warehouse because there’s enough evidence he exercised control over the company to pierce the corporate veil, the Southern District of Ohio said.

There’s Unprecedented Carnage for Consumer CEOs This Year

The departure Tuesday of Tupperware Brands Corp. Chief Executive Officer Tricia Stitzel, which came shortly after CEO exits at McDonald’s Corp. and Gap Inc., put an exclamation point on an already bad year for executive turnover at U.S. consumer companies.

Barr Backs FCC’s Plan to Ban Huawei, ZTE Purchase

Attorney General William Barr says a Federal Communications Commission plan to prohibit U.S. funding for Huawei Technologies Co. and ZTE Corp. telecommunications gear will help secure domestic communications networks from Chinese spying.

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