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Conference Reports: American Payroll Association’s 40th Payroll Congress

May 11, 2022, 3:12 AM

The 2022 American Payroll Association’s 40th Payroll Congress is being held from May 10 to 13 in Las Vegas.

Bloomberg Tax & Accounting’s Payroll Analysis Team is writing articles on the presentations delivered for this year’s Congress. The four-day conference includes presentations on U.S. and international payroll.

The following articles share details emphasized in this year’s Congress presentations. Additional articles will be added to this list as the conference progresses.

Checklist, Frequent Reconciliations Key to Smooth Year-End
Employers Can Reduce, Avoid Overpaying Employment Taxes
Identifying Nontaxable Benefits Requires “Looking for the Proof”
Blockchain Has Payroll Potential, Practitioner Says
Garnishment and Tax Levy Guidelines for Payroll Professionals
Remote Workforces Create New Employment Challenges for Employers
Pandemic Increases Potential for Presence in More Jurisdictions
Tax, Reporting Rules for Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans
Mix of State, Local Laws Mark California Labor Landscape
Artificial Intelligence Can Help or Harm Employment Practices
Payroll Professionals Must Prepare for Crises After Covid-19
Payroll Success Requires Integrity and High Ethical Standards
Scientific Method Is Key to Successful Diversity, Inclusion Plans
Hybrid Work Brings Considerations for Taxes, Benefits
International Employment Laws, Agreements Create Compliance Challenges
Different Roles, Same Priority: Payroll, HR, and Accounts Payable
Successful Global Payroll Projects Require Careful Planning, Management
Enhanced Payroll Technology Can Improve the Employee Experience
Employers Should Beware of Compensable Time Compliance Pitfalls
Federal Agency Forum Addresses Common Payroll Issues, Questions
Dual Tax Reporting, Labor Laws Mark Canadian Complexity
Tax Benefits Vary Among Types of U.S. Visas
Federal Child Support Office IT Update Improves Payroll Processes
Collect Data to Support Hybrid Workforce Plan Pitch
Worker Classification Still Hot Federal-State Audit Issue