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March 16, 2023, 10:07 PM

Deaf Inmate’s Suit Against Jail Revived Despite Procedural Flaws

Ufonobong Umanah
Ufonobong Umanah
Litigation Reporter

The Cook County Jail’s process for resolving administrative grievances against its staff became unavailable to a prisoner, in part, because it was “incomprehensible,” the Seventh Circuit ruled Thursday.

Gerald Hacker is essentially deaf, having no hearing in his left ear and only10% of his hearing in his right ear. So he didn’t hear a jail officer ordering him to return to his cell. When he did not comply, the officer shoved him, knocking him unconscious and Hacker awoke handcuffed to a medical bed.

When Hacker made an administrative grievance over the encounter, the jail told him it had taken the ...