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US Weighs Energy Sanctions on Myanmar Hurting Allies (1)

The US is weighing sanctions on Myanmar’s state-owned oil and gas company to choke funding to the nation’s military regime, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter, a move that risks hitting American allies involved in the sector.

Faulty Credits Tarnish Billion-Dollar Carbon Offset Seller (1)

The uncertainty about South Pole’s flagship project in Zimbabwe—called Kariba—could influence how legions of companies try to slash their emissions. Purchases of carbon credits quadrupled in 2021 to $2 billion, according to Ecosystem Marketplace. But persistent questions about their benefits have damaged their reputation as a legitimate climate solution.

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Are New Pipelines Doomed? Oil & Gas Delivery Explained

A series of high profile legal setbacks has some in the industry asking—is it still possible to build pipelines in America?

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