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Here Are the IFRS Updates That Became Effective This January

Last year was quiet for new standards and amendments from the International Accounting Standards Board. But financial statement preparers should start getting ready for some changes that took effect this month, says Stout’s Mhalou Abadiano.


The EU’s BEFIT Initiative—and Why it Doesn’t Make Sense (Part 2)

In a two-part article, Oliver R. Hoor and Samantha Schmitz of ATOZ Tax Advisers outline the design options of the European Commission’s initiative for a new framework for corporate taxation. They argue that the initiative does not make sense, particularly in light of the comprehensive transformation of the international and European tax landscape following the OECD base erosion and profit shifting project.


Defend IRS Funding as a High-Return Investment in Democracy

The continuing vitality of our nation’s social fiscal contract depends on the IRS providing taxpayer service and enforcing compliance fairly and effectively. The agency’s new funding closes the tax gap by targeting wealthy tax dodgers and bringing the IRS into the digital age.

Reject Crypto and Look to the Faroe Islands to Help the Unbanked

Forcing people to have bank accounts seems like a burden on those who can least afford it, but no less so than a crypto-based solution. A Scandinavian community shows how simplifying the tax code and streamlining the process could be more effective than turning the unbanked population over to crypto wolves.


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