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Potential Crypto Gift Tax Exemption From US to French Resident

Cryptocurrency gift recipients who reside in France should also determine their potential gift and inheritance tax exposure before accepting any gift or bequest from a US tax resident, says Orsay Avocats Associés tax partner Claire Guionnet-Moalic.

Goodwill Amortization—The End of a Longstanding Tax Dispute in Brazil?

Phelippe Toledo Pires de Oliveira of the Office of the Attorney General for the National Treasury looks at a recent initiative by the Brazilian tax administration to resolve a longstanding dispute with taxpayers, and explains the requirements to qualify for the newly announced tax settlement agreement.

Middle East and North Africa—Tax and Economic Developments

Nations of the Middle East and North Africa region are not only introducing an array of business incentives, they are also in many cases introducing new corporate, value-added tax or similar taxes. Ahmed Al-Esry of EY provides an overview of the economic and tax developments and the opportunities and challenges for business investors, in the latest article in the IN FOCUS series.

Why Baseball in Tennessee Makes Good Tax Sense

From a tax perspective, the city of Nashville might have the edge when it comes to fielding a new baseball team in the future—but Tennessee should tread carefully, says tax and technology attorney Andrew Leahey.


TurboTax, From Consumer Darling to the Crosshairs of the FTC

TurboTax’s groundbreaking free do-it-yourself offer for simple tax returns forced competitors to level up, says DiGo’s Mark DiMassimo, but its most recent advertising campaign theme has caught the FTC’s eye. Now the FTC is suing TurboTax, which could face tens of millions of dollars in fees and fines.


Spotlight on North Carolina CPA Jason King

Our Spotlight series highlights the careers and lives of tax professionals across the globe. This week’s Spotlight is on Jason King, a certified public accountant and senior manager at DMJ & Co., PLLC, in Wilmington, N.C.

Spotlight on Sylvia Dion, State and Local Tax Firm Founder

Our Spotlight series highlights the careers and lives of tax professionals across the globe. This week’s focus is on Sylvia Dion, a certified public accountant who is the founder and managing partner of PrietoDion Consulting Partners LLC, a state and local tax (SALT) advisory firm.

Spotlight on Senior Tax Manager Eric Chaimowitz

Eric Chaimowitz is a senior tax manager and shareholder at Truepoint Wealth Counsel. In his practice, he helps high net worth individuals, trusts and estates, and small businesses navigate the tax code. A former computer programmer, he sees parallels between the tax code and computer code—both are puzzles that needs to be solved.

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