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Chauvin Now Faces Federal Charges in Death of George Floyd (3)

Derek Chauvin and the three other former Minneapolis police officers involved in the death of George Floyd last May were indicted by a federal grand jury for violating Floyd’s constitutional rights during an arrest that sparked nationwide protests over police violence against Black people.

States Plan Jobless Aid Cuts as Employers Plead for Hires (1)

Federal jobless benefits for gig workers and the extra $300 a week in unemployment aid will end earlier than scheduled in Arkansas, Montana, and South Carolina—possible signs of what’s to come as governors respond to employers’ complaints that they can’t hire enough workers.

Black Banking Executives on How to Sustain Post Floyd Changes

The finance industry can point to tangible progress for Black workers since the Black Lives Matter protests last year. But change isn’t coming fast enough, a half dozen executives said during Bloomberg Television’s “Money and Equality” special report on Friday.

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Qualified Immunity: Origins of a Police Liability Shield

The legal doctrine of qualified immunity shields public officials from civil liability. It was created by the U.S. Supreme Court and is in the spotlight with the national debate over police accountability.

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