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What Work Rules Republicans Want as Part of Debt Ceiling Deal

Republicans see the debt limit debate as a way to get stricter work rules for government food aid programs — a longtime conservative aim.

Maryland Parents Sue to Opt Kids Out of LGBTQ+ Book Instruction

Maryland’s largest public school system was sued Wednesday by parents who want their children excused from instruction with books that have LGBTQ+ themes, saying the “forced inculcation” violates their rights to freely exercise their religion and direct their children’s religious upbringing.

Target Pulls Some LGBTQ-Themed Goods After Threats to Employees

Target Corp. is removing some LGBTQ-themed merchandise after threatening behavior by some customers ahead of Pride Month in June, which honors lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

AI Guidance Ups Ante for Employers Trying to Avoid Bias Claims

Employers may be compelled to rethink how they use AI tools to make workplace decisions after new EEOC guidance clarified that they can be held liable for biased effects of the software’s use.

From Illinois to Hawaii, States Race to List Salaries in Job Ads

Bills requiring salary ranges in job postings have become a priority for several state legislatures, most recently Illinois, adding to the variety of pay transparency rules employers must learn to navigate nationwide.


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Drug Label Anti-Fraud Provisions Solidified in Medicaid Proposal

A proposal to enforce stricter regulations on the way pharmaceutical companies label drugs and set prices in Medicaid’s drug rebate program aims to clarify the impact of litigation in a drug misclassification case involving Mylan Inc.'s EpiPen, attorneys say.

The City of London Lost Its Way on the Path to Racial Equity

In 2020, just after George Floyd’s murder in the US, one of the most senior Black professionals in the City of London, KPMG UK Partner and Vice-Chair Richard Iferenta, appealed to CEOs and chairpeople of the business community “to stamp out racism of all forms.” Three years later, he has yet to see the change and ambition he asked for.

How Marijuana Is Both Legal and Illegal in the U.S.

How do states legally get around the federal ban on cannabis, and what unique legal challenges do attorneys and businesses in the marijuana industry face?

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Archegos Insurer Sues to Avoid Covering Costs of Firm’s Failure

An insurer for Bill Hwang and his Archegos Capital Management is suing to avoid paying any costs incurred by Archegos, Hwang and other senior executives of the investment firm from a separate suit by a former employee who claims the implosion of the family office cost him as much as $50 million.

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