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In the EV of the Future, Solar Power Comes Standard (2)

For about 40 years, car companies, startups and DIY enthusiasts have been pursuing the plug-less electric car, one that could wirelessly recharge via photons. But as logistical and economic hurdles continue to stymie those projects, the more immediate future of solar-powered vehicles is becoming clear: smaller, lighter, cheaper systems built to subtly augment electric driving, rather than power it in full.

Crypto Scams and Modern Capitalism Are Siblings: David Fickling

Surveying the vast waste of the past year’s cryptocurrency collapse — trillions in notional market value evaporating in months; allegations that the founder of bankrupt crypto exchange FTX bribed Chinese officials; and a punishing lawsuit from US regulators against rival exchange Binance Holdings Ltd. this week — it’s tempting to believe that nothing like this has happened before.

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The Toxic Legacy of 3M's 'Forever Chemicals'

The fight over a tunnel project in Antwerp has revealed extraordinary levels of toxins in the water, soil, and people near 3M’s factory. While the company said this week that it will cease using or making so-called forever chemicals a few years from now, for people living near the plant, the damage has already been done.

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