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Stolen 401(k) Funds • Corporate Comment on OECD Plan • NAV REITs

This weekend roundup of Bloomberg Tax Insights includes multinational corporations’ comments on the OECD’s “Unified Approach"; the fiduciary duty of sponsors and administrators to protect 401(k) funds; net asset value (NAV) REITs; old and new challenges in purchase price allocations; and how not to claim a change of domicile.

Fuzzy Ebitda Math That Fueled Junk Debt Boom Is Sparking Jitters

Imagine walking into a bank to borrow money. The loan officer might ask for your pay stubs and tax returns to prove your income, as well as for information about your debts and monthly expenses to determine whether you’re a worthy borrower. If the numbers don’t add up, you’d be out of luck.

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