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Crypto’s Wild Swings Are Accountants’ Nightmares

With companies now investing in cryptocurrencies, accountants have to find a way to quantify their famously volatile price swings on their company’s financial statements—no easy task, for sure. On this week’s episode of our podcast, Talking Tax, we hear from the University of Minnesota’s Vivian Fang about why investors care about the value of companies’ crypto assets and about what future crypto accounting rules might look like.

Treasury Sanctions Official Confirmed by Senate After Delay

The Senate confirmed Brian Nelson to be the under secretary of the Treasury for terrorism and financial intelligence in a vote of 50 to 49 Thursday after being held up by Republicans seeking to pressure the Biden administration to impose sanctions to block the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany.

The Unemployed Trader Who Became a $700 Million Exile

Sanjay Shah used an obscure loophole to go from unemployed trader to $700 million whale in just a few years. Now regulators are after him for what they consider the biggest tax heist in European history.

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