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HILL TAX BRIEFING: Trump, Biden Spar on Aid Talks, Tax Returns

Read more: Judiciary panel advances Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, with plans for swift confirmation by full Senate. Trump’s deputy assistant Ja’Ron Smith signals the number of opportunity zones could get doubled in an expansion plan. New Jersey forges ahead with plans to block New York from taxing its no-longer-commuting residents.

Tax Court Conservation Easement Ruling Tossed Out

The U.S. Tax Court wrongly disallowed tax deductions for two conservation land deals by misinterpreting a restriction on the type of deal that qualifies for the deduction, the Eleventh Circuit ruled.

Trump Says He'll Release Tax Returns 'as Soon as I Can'

President Donald Trump says he will publicly release his tax returns as soon as he can. He also says he prepaid 'millions and millions' in taxes, and that he has been treated unfairly by the Internal Revenue Service. He speaks at the final presidential debate with Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Nashville, Tennessee.

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