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Ex-Citi Banker Who Paid Debt With Charity Funds Loses Case

Citigroup Inc. won a legal fight with one of its most senior employees after a U.K. appeals court ruled Mukarram Sattar improperly used the bank’s internal payment systems to transfer thousands of pounds from a charity he controlled.

Amazon Stumbles In Attempts to Play Politics

Amazon.com Inc. is a company that is accustomed to winning, but the $869 billion e-commerce giant has spent the last few weeks suffering through humbling defeats. On Oct. 25, the Pentagon announced it was awarding a $10 billion cloud computing contract to Microsoft Corp. Amazon had been seen as such a prohibitive favorite for the contract, called JEDI, that the Department of Defense was actually facing a lawsuit for setting up a process that only the company could win. Then Amazon’s preferred candidates failed to capture control of the Seattle City Council in local elections less than two weeks later, even after the company had spent $1.5 million on the campaign.

Why Billionaire Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer Supports the Wealth Tax

Billionaire Tom Steyer, co-founder of NextGen Climate Action and Democratic candidate for U.S. president, explains why he supports the wealth tax. He speaks with Bloomberg's David Westin on "Balance of Power."

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