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Modi’s Fuel-Tax Hikes Are Putting Brakes on India’s Recovery (2)

Dilip Lamba, who owns a transport company in Jodhpur in western India, has had more than three-quarters of his fleet of 50 trucks idling for months. Dharampal Nambardar, a farmer who grows wheat and mustard seed in Haryana state, is worried he might not make any profit this year.

Mexico Raises $1.3 Billion In Corporate Tax Clampdown

Large corporations have been forced to hand over 30 billion pesos ($1.3 billion) over the last six months in deals with the Mexican government as authorities clamp down on tax evasion, the country’s tax prosecutor said.

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Trump's New Trade War: Digital Taxes Explained

Will the next trade war be over digital taxation? This video explains how digital taxes work and whether the international community can find a solution to this growing global rift over how to tax the digital economy.

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