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May 4, 2022, 4:08 PM

Puerto Rico Tax Collections Surpass Budget by $524 Million

Michelle Kaske
Michelle Kaske
Bloomberg News

Puerto Rico’s revenue collections through March were $524 million above budgeted estimates as individual tax receipts and sales-tax revenue exceeded expectations.

  • Puerto Rico pulled in nearly $8.3 billion of revenue from July through March, according to the commonwealth’s Treasury Department. That was $524 million more than budgeted and $989 million above what the commonwealth collected during the same period in the prior fiscal year
    • Personal-income taxes were $250 million above estimates
    • Sales-tax receipts surpassed budgeted projections by $110 million
  • All major tax categories exceeded budgeted projections, according to the Treasury Department
  • Puerto Rico in March restructured $22 billion of debt ...