Norway Halts Airport Fees, Eases Lay Off Rules to Support Economy

March 13, 2020, 11:31 AM

Norway will temporarily remove the air passenger tax on all flights through October and drop all airport fees through June in a package presented by the Finance Ministry on Friday.

  • Increase in public costs due to the package estimated at more than NOK1b, with reduced 2020 tax income seen at NOK1.6b and delayed tax payments of NOK3.9b
  • Employers will now only have to pay two days of wages for laid-off workers before the state takes over payment of benefits, down from 15 days
  • Companies that are running at a loss will be able to write back the loss against previously taxed gains, while owners can defer payment of a wealth tax if their companies are loss-making
  • To provide enhanced support for skills enhancement and corporate training in companies that are affected by the outbreak
  • To boost discretionary funds to municipalities that have incurred greater additional expenses
    associated with the coronavirus

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