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July 23, 2021, 1:01 PM

Spotlight on TikTok Tax Educator Duke Moore

Kelly Phillips Erb
Kelly Phillips Erb

Our Spotlight series highlights the careers and lives of tax professionals across the globe. This week’s spotlight is on Duke Moore, an Enrolled Agent (EA) who entertains and educates taxpayers on TikTok, where he has more than 2.8 million followers.

What’s your official title and what does it mean? Tax Educator and Social Media Influencer—meaning I spend most of my time creating tax content for other people to understand on social media platforms. I then partner with other brands or tax companies to help them sell their products or services.

Free time: book, audiobook, or podcast? Book. I am currently reading “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, which teaches you how to build good habits and break bad ones.

Tax is a huge subject. What’s your area of special interest? My area of special interest is, hands down, Schedule C self-employed and small business owners. As more and more individuals enter the entrepreneur life or into the gig economy, taxes scare them. And they need guidance. I love that feeling I get when someone tells me, “Thank you!” I get most of these “Thank yous” from those who just started their business or are in the gig economy, so naturally, I’ve grown a particular interest in that subject.

What’s the last movie or show that you watched and loved (DVD, Netflix, or in the theater)? “Blacklist.” I love crime shows that can keep me on the edge of my seat.

What college did you attend and what did you study? I attended the University of North Texas Dallas, where I studied accounting and tax to become a CPA. I soon realized that I was not a fan of the auditing and reporting aspects. I only liked that tax side, so I decided to focus my efforts on becoming an Enrolled Agent instead.

Go to pick-me-up: Coffee or tea? Sweet Tea (half lemonade).

What’s the best tax or financial advice that anyone ever gave you? Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. I have always been the type of person to do things on my own. I feared the humility of asking for help whenever I don’t understand something, especially about taxes. But in the tax community, we need each other, and everyone is so supportive. I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am today if I did not ask questions or ask for help.

If you weren’t working in the tax profession, what would your dream job be? Forensic accounting, for sure. Remember earlier how I mentioned I liked crime shows? I grew up watching Forensic Files, and I always wanted to be one of the people who helped solve a mystery.

If you had the opportunity to make one change in the tax code—an extra credit, a disallowed deduction, whatever—what would it be? Unreimbursed employee expenses. During the pandemic, many employers asked their employees to work from home. Despite the change in the law that now disallows deductions for unreimbursed employee expenses, employees still incur costs such as supplies and equipment to do their jobs effectively at home.

Favorite food, snack, or candy during tax season (or other busy time)? My favorite candy is Arizona Arnold Palmer Half Sweet Tea Half Lemonade Fruit Snacks, and my favorite food is Raising Cane’s.

What tax news or move made the most impact on your practice or clients this past year? PPP (the federal Paycheck Protection Program). Many small business owners needed help with cleaning their books and making sure their tax filings were in order.

If Uncle Sam handed you a big tax refund check right now, what would you do with it? I would call my financial adviser, Tina, and ask what I should do because it’s okay to ask others questions for help when you are not sure what to do.

You can find Duke on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok @DukeLovesTaxes. You can check out his company online at And don’t miss his appearance on the Taxgirl podcast where he talks about tax and social media.

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