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Author Submission Guidelines for Bloomberg Tax & Accounting Insights

Sept. 1, 2021, 7:26 PM

Bloomberg Tax & Accounting Insights offer inside views and expert analysis of current events and issues in tax practice and policy, including recent tax trends and topics like cannabis and crypto, Tax Court cases and IRS Regulations, and firm practice and management.

Our Insights are popular and read by tax professionals, corporate executives and business owners, lobbyists, and government leaders. Insights are published outside the paywall on The Exchange, as well as a variety of Bloomberg Tax & Accounting sites like Daily Tax Report.

Our goal is to help you publish the best work possible. Our team will work with you from submission to publication and distribution.

Articles should feature original analysis, helpful insights, and thoughtful opinions. Articles that examine new trends, technologies, or practices that impact tax professionals are always welcome. Ultimately, we’re looking for the best submissions to keep our readers ahead in their practice.

Editorial Guidelines:

We value quality and consistency. Keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Articles should be around 1,000 words.
  • Works must be original: We do not publish articles that have been or will appear elsewhere.
  • We do not use footnotes or endnotes, but we encourage hyperlinks to sources.
  • You can submit charts or graphs that make your article more compelling.
  • We can also work with our graphics and photo teams if you need more visual interest.

Getting Noticed:

We want our authors to stand out. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Bylines: Let us know your name exactly as you want it to appear, including initials.
  • Multiple authors: When an article has more than one author, we will list names in the order provided in the article. We prefer no more than four authors.
  • Biographical information: Please submit a brief bio with your article. We may shorten bios because of space limitations.
  • Author photo: Please provide a headshot in color (gif or jpeg).

Submissions and Editorial Process:

Our goal is to help make the submission and editorial process efficient and straightforward. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Author agreement: We will email you an author agreement for signature, and we’ll get started after we’ve received the signed agreement.
  • Submissions: Please submit a complete article. While you may make minor changes, such as a citation update, we want submissions to be as close to ready for publication as possible when submitted.
  • Edits: We’ll edit your article to ensure that the piece is clear, conversational, and compelling. Changes may include new headlines, as well as tweaks to formatting and headings.
  • Approvals: We’ll return an edited version to you for review before publication.
  • Speed: We value our readers’ time and want to publish Insights that are current and impactful. Keep that in mind as you consider the timeliness of your submission.
  • Reprints and distribution: After publication, we’ll send you a link to the article for easy sharing and distribution.


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